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The History

In 1999 I created 70's English Progressive Rock because there was a need to preserve all of the great progressive rock music that came out of the70's and to also help those artists that were following the same path. The playlist (as of 2008) contains several thousand songs and continues to grow through CD purchases, vinyl ripping and the artist submissions.

In 2001, after watching several of my favorite radio stations go away, I started The Promise. Named after a Bruce Springsteen song, the station promises to bring you a variety of singer/songwriters, classic rock, and of course, lots of Springsteen.

New Music Submissions

I love new music and The Promise prominently features new music. Because of the way I put together sets and because I love to blog about CDs, priority is always given to CD submissions over mp3 submissions. I do not want to waste anyone's time or money, so when requesting to send a CD, please send me links to your music so I can listen to some of it first. If I respond to a request with links, you will most definitely end up on the play list.

The Promise CD Submission Requests should be sent to: The Promise

70's English Progressive CD Submission Requests should be sent to: 70's English Prog

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