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The Promise Live

The Promise Radio on Shoutcast

What kind of music will you hear on The Promise? Well, take some alt-Country, throw in some singer/songwriters, add some classic rock and roll, lots of new and almost new music, slip in a large dose of indie artists from all over the world and then finish it off with plenty of Bruce Springsteen. AAA Radio had the right idea: Deep album cuts, different musical styles, great segues and lots of Singer/Songwriters.



70's English Progressive Rock on Shoutcast

70’s English Progressive Plus is an attempt to bring the sound of 70’s college radio to the Internet. Along with plenty of 70’s English progressive rock and folk there is music from American and European artists. In addition, there is modern music from today’s artists that follow in the prog and folk rock style of the 70’s as well as old timers that just can’t stop making good music.







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